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Read before applying!

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Read before applying!

Post by XxElementZero on Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:22 am

Thank you for taking an interest in joining the Untitled Gaming team. Please copy the applications below for your desired position then create a new post with the title "[Your GT] - Apply for [Position]". After your application is up an Administrator or Moderator will contact you within 24 hours. Below you will find a description of each position and an application for each position.

Directors are the main content creators for Untitled Gaming. They are the ones that produce videos, podcasts, and other related media to be published by Untitled Gaming.

Assistants are there to assist Directors with content production, whether it be from joining in a commentary, sitting in for a podcast, or joining in-game for a video. They do not produce videos for Untitled Gaming but they do assist in their creation. 

Community Managers (New!) are there to manage the Untitled Gaming community on the Forums and on YouTube. They are there to answer questions, solve problems, and assist the community in any way they see fit. They are also responsible for setting up giveaways, live streams, and other community events.

Questions marked with a "*" are required to be answered, anything required that is left unanswered will result in your application being unapproved until the problem is fixed.

*Gamertag - 
*YouTube Channel - 
*How many subscribers do you have? - 
*What Consoles do you own? (IE: PC, XB1, PS4) - 
What software / hardware do you use? (IE: an HDPVR, Sony Vegas, Photoshop, Audacity, etc.) - 
How did you find Untitled Gaming
*Why are you interested in UG? - 
*What can you bring to UG? - 
Related comments about yourself - 

*Gamertag - 
*How can you assist Directors? - 
*What Consoles do you own? (IE: PC, XB1, PS4) - 
What software / hardware do you use? (IE: an HDPVR, Sony Vegas, Photoshop, Audacity, etc.) - 
*Why are you interested in UG? - 
Related comments about yourself - 

Community Manager
*Gamertag - 

*Why are you interested in UG? - 
*What can you bring to UG and the community? - 
Related comments about yourself - 

You will be contacted by a Moderator or above within 24 hours of your application. You will either be approved for a position, asked more questions to determine approval, denied, or be asked to be interview first. If a UG member hasn't contacted you within 24 hours then please tag either Moderators, Super Moderators, or Administrators by replying with #Moderators

*All applications and positions subject to change based on Administrators discretion. Announcements will be made when a member is approved for a position. 

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